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Katie jarvis little white lies

Nerve Mistress, or Fayne

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Fayne Mary O'Malley

Mutant Name

Nerve Mistress

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Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters




110 lbs


July 31, 1955




Brown hair, brown eyes, short extremely edgy cut hair, tiny frame



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Fayne and Falcon lead a very similar life and had the same backstory, though Fayne lead a very different life compared to her sister Rose. When she was 7 years old, she was kidnapped at a county fair near Salt Lake City. She was forced to submit to whatever her captors made her do. After 2 years of torture and submission, Fayne's mutations surfaced. She escaped by picking a lock and figured out how to use a gun just by touching it. That's when she knew something was different. She ran until she finally found the school, and she's perfectly happy. She hasn't seen her sister in 10 years and doesn't want to cause her pain by showing up again. Fayne also takes more of the italian side of the family.

Mutations and AbilitiesEdit

Fayne's abilities consist of Precognition and intuitive aptitude. Precognition is the ability to see the future and intuitive aptitude is the ability to learn things spontaneously.


Compared to Rose, Fayne is a very straight-forward personality. She's friendly, ambitious, and wants to learn everything she can from anything she can touch.

Sex, Romance, and RelationshipsEdit

Fayne is straight, but is also innocent. She's a virgin and has never had her first kiss. She has the same wishes of her sister: to find the right guy.


Fayne's parents never knew about her mutation, and neither did her captors until she escaped. Falcon never knew her sister had any sort of ability.


Katie Jarvis

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