Quick Facts


Marc Brawnson

Mutant Name







210 lb


September 7, 1950


21 (22 in September)


(character race)


Climate-based molecular acceleration.


Jared Padalecki


Under Construction

Mutations and AbilitiesEdit

Climate-based molecular acceleration: Through transfering some of his own energy, Nitro can overload the targets cells until they literally explode. This energy transfer can take place either by touch or from a distance, though it is more accurate for him to actually make contact. His weakness, however, is that in cold climates, his ability is rendered null and void, and in hot climates, it's erratic and unpredictable.


Nitro is a friendly, fun-loving and happy guy. Some of his encounters with people have been mistakened as flirting, and he's run into many an awkward moment because of this. He always wants to make sure people are happy, and is generally clueless when people get mad at him. When he's angry though, a new side comes out. Nitro gets "trigger happy" when he's mad or defending a loved one, ready to blow up his enemy. He rarely gets this angry though seeing as, since he's a generally nice guy, no one messes with him or who he loves.

Sex, Romance, and RelationshipsEdit

Rick: Rick was Nitro's human lover before he got rid of the name Marc. They traveled together from when Nitro was 16 until he was almost 20, and were intimate for two of those years. Rick was murdered by a gang of hicks in Nebraska, and once Nitro avenged his lover, he abandoned his human name and sought out the Brotherhood.

Amelia (Ember): A fellow mutant in the Brotherhood, she was a fling-turned-romance. They are currently in a commited relationship with an unplanned (but loved) baby on the way.


Nitro hasn't spoken to his family since he ran way when he was thirteen. His parents were happily married when he knew them, and he had a happy younger sister named Sadie.


Nitro's playby is Jared Padalecki. I chose him mostly because I found him attractive in a scrappy kind of way, which is how I imagine Nitro.

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